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A Toddler's Advice on Race Relations

Posted Sunday, December 7, 2014
In light of the recent events in Ferguson and elsewhere, I have to question why so many full-grown adults have so much trouble with a basic concept that my toddler son was able to easily explain before he reached the age of 3.

Some 22 years ago, we were visiting a couple of the more-remote Caribbean islands for the first time with our young son. We had taken a puddle-jumper flight from Barbados to Grenada and booked a multi-night stay at a local bed and breakfast. The housekeeper was a charming black lady who took an immediate liking to our son, which resulted in him getting custom-made treats when we returned after a long day's exploration. Like moms everywhere, her first instinctive duty was to spoil the visiting little tykes temporarily under her care.

While chomping down on his late-afternoon snack, my son glanced around, at us, at his host and at his treat and noted: "It's really interesting. Some people are brown on the outside and pink on the inside. Other people are pink on the outside and brown on the inside."

Yes. Yet they will all treat you right if you just give them half the chance!

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