Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary goal of Nice Curmudgeon?

The curmudgeons of the world perform a very useful public service: they complain! When service sucks or product quality is atrocious, we curmudgeons are the first to demand better. This allows people too busy raising their families or working 80 hours a week to focus on those priorities, knowing that society's grumps are looking out for them.

Given Corporate America's tendency to do the absolute minimum needed to retain customers, our curmudgeonly efforts help to slow the Decline of Western Civilization. Mocking the idiots in a public forum works better than grumbling softly under one's breadth — embarrass those in charge enough and they might even make a half-effort to fix some of the problems they create. Yea, it seems to be a losing battle, but just imagine how bad service and product quality would be without our ongoing efforts!

By the same token, exceptional service and quality needs to be praised when found. That's simply part of being "nice." It also takes the wind out of the sails of those who settle for mediocrity and are prone to claim that nothing can ever satisfy an old curmudgeon, who complains just to complain.

What can I do to reward you?

Applause is great; money is better. Hire me for one of your proofreading, copy editing, or writing projects — just send me a message via the Contact Me form.