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Blogging with a Side Order of Spam

Posted Monday, November 10, 2014
I seem to have been discovered by the Secret Society of Spam Submitters. I suppose that's progress in a sense. I actually would like to encourage comments and perhaps even links to material relevant to the topic being discussed in a given post, if it might be of interest to the reader. I've discovered a lot of interesting stuff over the years by jumping tangentially from link to link; I also know how hard it can be to have new readers find you.

So if you're an actual reader, take note of the fact that relevant content will generally be allowed to stay in place while irrelevant self-promotions will be replaced by "I am a naughty spammer" or some variation thereof, along with your IP address, which may then be harvested by other sites to blacklist your efforts everywhere. Make it relevant and you might even be invited to become a regular guest blogger.

On the other hand, my sons are programmers, so it's pretty easy for us to blacklist you from our entire server. It's also easy for me to find the latest comments, regardless of where it's posted (or hidden by intent) because we built that feature in. Play nice and you could get your turn at show-and-tell with the other kiddies; otherwise you'll just get the dunce cap and a corner to sit in while the rest of us ignore you.

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canada goose womens | 1/28/15, 4:07 am
I just HAD to spam the post on spamming!!!
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