Chicago Proofreader and Editor — Hire a Nice Curmudgeon Today!

Need a proofreader, an editor, a website function and content checker, an online researcher, maybe a writer for some of your blog posts? Look no further!

I'm a curmudgeon, and that's good for you: I'll grumble through fixing the little details, so you won't have to. But just because I'm a curmudgeon doesn't mean I'm not fun. In fact, people often say, "You make me laugh!" Heck, my kids have been laughing at me for years -- check out my son's Photoshop handiwork on the left to see what I have to put up with (sigh!). So I thought: "Why not the rest of the world, too? Dream big!"

My editing experience dates back 35 years. I was editor-in-chief of my college paper. Later, I was editor of a local Mensa publication. I've worked on everything from high school and college papers to masters' and doctoral theses; to resumes and cover letters and college essays; to business plans and content for sales training manuals, financial annual reports and websites. Most of my editing of fiction writing thus far has been with "business proposals," but I'm game to work on anything, including your naughty stuff.

I understand the needs of non-native speakers. I 've been to 70 countries and lived abroad as a teen where I was taught English as a foreign language. I completed three-quarters of a master's degree in TESL/Linguistics (4.0 GPA) until health issues forced me to quit (I am currently being treated for rheumatoid arthritis). Thus, I can often point to the specific grammar rule, rather than just rely on what "sounds right."

I was granted the Award for Outstanding Competence by The Peter Principle author Dr. Laurence J. Peter. I will boldly venture that few other bloggers can make that claim!

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have in advance of submitting a project.